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Employer FAQs

What is alice?

Alice is a tax refund in every paycheck that you can’t get at tax time.
Alice makes pre-tax spending easier than any other benefits you’ve ever used. Alice improves employees’ financial wellness by bringing down the cost of everyday expenses.

what is pre-tax spending?

Pre-tax spending means the amount you spend in these categories is not taxed on your paychecks.
There are 10 categories of everyday expenses that count toward pre-tax spending. It’s free money and there’s something for everyone from eyeglasses to train tickets to daycare.
The more your employees spend pre-tax, the less your business pays in Social Security, Medicare, local taxes, and unemployment premiums. It’s a win/win!

how much can my employees save?

The average Alice user sees an increase in their take home pay of $583.06 annually. Employees can save up to several thousands of dollars each year. This amount depends on how much they spend in eligible expenses.

Which of my employees are eligible?

All W-2 employees are eligible from their first day of employment. Alice works for full-time, part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees.

All employees are eligible for pre-tax spending.

how does alice help employers save money?

Employers who offer pre-tax spending can expect to save approximately 8% of every dollar spent pre-tax by their employees. Social Security, Medicare, local taxes, and unemployment premiums are all lowered.

Can you explain the math using a real-world example?

Using two examples, let’s see what this will mean for you and your employees.

Example 1: Sarah

  • Sarah commutes via the train, spending $121 on a 30-day transit card. That works out to $4.03 per day which is $1,472.17 per year
  • Sarah’s marginal tax rate is 35%. By paying for transit with her debit card that she connected to Alice, she will save 35% of the $1,472.17 she spends to ride the train.
  • Pre-tax spending with Alice puts $512.40 back into her take home pay each year.

Sarah’s employer doesn’t have to pay the employer’s share of payroll taxes on the $1,472.17 she spent pre-tax. This results in a savings of $117.12 for the business.

Example 2: Jordan

  • Jordan drives to work and pays $250 to park at the garage and parking meters near his office each month.
  • Jordan pays for parking with his is credit card he connected to Alice, spending $3,000 pre-tax a year.
  • His marginal tax rate (federal, state, local, social security, and Medicare) is 40%. Jordan’s take home pay will go up by $1,200 a year.

Jordan’s employer doesn’t pay the employer’s share of payroll taxes on the $3,000 he spends on parking pre-tax, which is $240 in annual tax savings for the business.

Now, imagine if you had 1,000 Sarahs and Jordans…

How does Alice detect eligible transactions?

Your employees connect their preferred credit and debit cards to Alice. Our technology automatically identifies eligible pre-tax purchases. Alice will text employees to confirm their eligible transactions.

Alice then updates payroll so pre-tax deductions are set before your payroll deadlines.

I'm busy. How much time does Alice take to manage?

Onboarding takes less than 20 minutes to complete. Alice handles enrollment, compliance, eligibility, and roster updates. It’s what you pay us for!
There is no work for you after getting set up.

How does Alice make money?

There are no setup fees, maintenance fees, or out-of-pocket-costs to your business. Alice earns what you save on payroll taxes each pay period. Alice is always free for employees.

What guarantee do I have that our data is secure?

Alice uses the same kind of encryption and security measures as your bank and payroll system. Your information is safe with us.

Employee FAQs

How do I enroll in Alice?

  1. Visit
  2. Add your details.
  3. Answer a couple quick questions.
  4. Link your preferred debit and credit cards.

How does Alice help me?

There are 10 everyday expenses that can become tax write-offs on your paychecks. Alice connects to payroll and makes sure you don’t pay taxes on the amounts you spend on eligible expenses. You pay less in income taxes and get to keep more of the money you earn on every paycheck.
Think of it like a tax refund on your paycheck that you can’t get at tax time!

How much can I save with Alice?

The average Alice user sees about $583.06 added to their paychecks annually. You can save up to several thousands of dollars each year. This amount depends on how much you spend in eligible expenses.

What expenses are eligible?

  • Mass-transit (train, subway, ferry, etc)
  • Parking (street parking, garages, etc)
  • Ride-sharing (COMING SOON: UberPool, Lyft via chariot van pooling)

Are gas and car maintenance eligible expenses?

Gas, car maintenance, and tolls are not pre-tax eligible expenses according to the IRS. If this changes in the future, we will be the first to let you know.

Can you explain the math?

$100 spent pre-tax means $100 on your paycheck is tax free. This means about an extra $35 will be added to your paycheck. That $35 is what you’d otherwise be paying toward income taxes had you not used Alice!

Is my card information secure with Alice?

We take security very seriously. Alice uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.

How do I add another credit or debit card?

Login to your Alice account. On the left-hand side of your dashboard, you’ll see an option to “add a new card.” Click on the button and then enter your info.

I just spent $20 on a transit pass. Did you see that yet?

Alice will text you 3-4 business days after you’ve made an eligible purchase.

What about business trips, are they pre-tax eligible expenses?

1. If it’s a one time trip you can’t count it for commuting. That may be a travel expense. You should ask your employer for more information about their reimbursement policy for business trips.
2. If your employer is paying for your trip or reimbursing you for the expense, you can’t also use pre-tax spending.

What about purchases made before I enrolled in Alice?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to count any spending from before the day you enrolled in Alice.

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