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Increase your employees’ paychecks while reducing your payroll taxes.

Every $1 spent by your employees pre-tax is $1 shielded from payroll tax.


Added to your average employee’s paycheck


Payroll tax decrease on every $1 spent pre-tax

Automated benefits. Built to work for all employees.

Alice automatically shields eligible purchases for your employees.

Connect Card

Employees link Alice to their credit and debit cards.

Spend as usual

Use connected card to spend as usual.

Get reimbursed

Alice finds eligible purchases, and puts money in your paycheck.

Alice finds eligible purchases automatically

No need for the stress of pre-spend deductions, or confusing forms. Alice does the purchase tracking, math, and compliance to make reimbursements automatic.


There are 5 everyday expenses that employees can write off

Get money added to your paycheck when you spend on mass transit, parking, ride sharing (Uberpool, Lyftline, & Via), dependent care, and healthcare.

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