The Win-Win

Your business is compliant at no out of pocket cost.

Employees earn $500+ each year.


Employees text.
Magic happens.

Alice answers your employees’ questions in English and Spanish.

Nothing to download. 
No forms to complete. 
Signup takes seconds.

Payroll is ready to run.

Alice adds employees’ paycheck info before each payroll period.

Your payroll is always ready to run.

Alice connects to major payroll systems including UKG, ADP, Paychex, Paylocity, Gusto, Toast, and more. 

Software Alice integrates with…

Alice Customers

…plus more than 20 others.

HR Advisors & Brokers love Alice

We add your trusted advisor to Alice to make sure they’re in the loop.

Security matters.

Alice’s technology ensures your employees’ personal information is protected and securely stored.