How it Works.

Software, not paperwork.

Mobile First Technology.

Alice leverages mobile first technology instead of paperwork and forms. We do this to streamline the cumbersome process of administering benefits to employees. To start, we have reimagined how employee’s use pre-tax spending by having them connect their existing credit or debit card. Not only does this mean one less card in their wallet, but it allows for real-time eligibility detection. When a pre-tax eligible purchase is made, our software detects it, syncs with your payroll system and puts the tax free amount back into their paychecks.

Automatic Spend Detection

Alice works with your employees’ existing credit cards. Love your Amex? No problem. Is Visa everywhere you want to be? Fantastic. Once a card is linked, Alice does the rest. Employees make purchases as normal, and we keep our eyes peeled for pre-tax expenses, then put that money back into their next paycheck through our one-click payroll integration.


Easy to Understand Interface

Alice is design-forward. Whether you’re on your desktop or phone, you can always clearly see your savings.


Integrated Payroll and Automatic Form Generation

Alice integrates into your payroll system. In most cases, it’s a one-click integration. In others, it only requires a single phone call. Once connected, we create separate line items for deductions and reimbursements, making your savings easy to follow.

Alice also automatically generates IRS forms for you to digitally sign and store in order to provide pre-tax benefits. Need a cafeteria plan for dependent care? Just click a button and we’ll generate it for you.

Interested in Alice?

Do you want to bring Alice to your company? Let us know and we’ll be in touch soon!