No more boring enrollment meetings.

The days of donuts in conference rooms are over.

In 20 minutes or less, your business is ready. Alice invites your employees to enroll when you say go. 


Step 1: Connect your payroll.

Enable Alice as your benefits administrator in your payroll system with just a few clicks.

Step 2: Invite your employees.

Email, text, Facebook, Instagram, or Slack. Alice meets your employees wherever they are.

Open enrollment is no longer stressful. Reminders are built-in so you can breathe easy.

Step 3: Employees connect their own cards.

Alice studies transactions to identify pretax eligible expenses like transit passes, contact lenses, or daycare tuition.

Employees set their elections through a conversational Q&A. Emojis optional.

Step 4: Alice handles the rest.

Your employees get texts to confirm their expenses or answer yes/no questions to stay compliant.

Alice updates deductions in payroll before your deadlines. Literally no work for you.