Better Benefits, Less Taxes

Turn your benefits into savings. We’re pretax spending experts so you or your employees don’t have to be – which means employees keep more of what they earn while employers save on payroll taxes.
Alice can be setup in minutes and doesn’t require any ongoing HR administration or maintenance. 

Find Out How You Can Give Your Employees a Raise, For Free While Lowering Your Payroll Taxes.

    Employees Get A Free Raise

    Offering employees pretax benefits adds more money to their paychecks when spending on everyday eligible expenses.

    Lower Payroll Taxes

    With pretax benefits companies lower their payroll tax. And with Alice there are no upfront of hidden costs. 

    Employee Retention

    Providing pretax benefits help employees feel more productive, supportive, and engaged long term.

    Curious to find out more about pretax benefits programs or looking to simplify an existing one.